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Debesh Sharma, computer consultant and photographer

I’ve read many, many books on photography – both geeky and non-geeky and Eric’s book is definitely one of the best I’ve read so far.

Most amateurs and sometimes even pros, find themselves more focused (pun intended) on the technical aspects of photography, while forgetting that at the end of it all, photography is an art form and the camera, lens, equipment etc. are merely enablers to help us bring our photographs closer to our vision. Which means, in other words, that we tend to forget about the “intangible” aspects of the craft. Eric reminds us of just that which we forget.

“Explorations in Photography” is written lucidly, follows a coherent thought process and is a well-knit book. The author’s advice is sage and comes from years behind the camera. I enjoyed Eric’s humor, and no, it isn’t as Scott Kelby’s is (who tends to get boring after a while).

The book has a lot of invaluable information starting from the aesthetics of a photograph, to some technical stuff and editing. I have spent many days trying to assimilate it all and I know I’ll need to read the book a few more times to perhaps get it all (if ever). Perhaps Eric could write his next book only on “how to see and composition”

I have no hesitation at all in highly recommending this book.

Kenneth A.  Brown, writer and photographer:

Beginning photographers often spend a small fortune on equipment, computers, and manuals striving to improve their work. What’s typically missing, however, is precisely what Eric Hatch’s “Explorations in Photography” has to offer — sound, straightforward advice for taking better photographs in the field and in the studio. Topics include everything from what makes a photograph “work” to lighting and composition.

Added to it are comments, thoughts, and musings on some of the author’s own favorite themes: candid portraits, waterfalls, and gravel roads, along with tips for scouting new locations and getting the most out of your own travels as a photographer. All of this is written in Hatch’s engaging and often humorous style, with quirky insights, heartfelt opinions, and stories drawn from his own travels to places as diverse as Italy and Alaska. Accompanying it all is a rich selection of photographs design to illustrate a key point: framing or cropping a picture, varying exposure to capture a particular mood and so on. Rather than simply read about a particular topic or theme, the images help the reader “see” what the author is talking about.

In the digital age new photographers often spend too much time learning how to rework their images on the computer, and not enough time learning how to take the best images possible in the field. Written in a clear, straightforward style, Hatch’s book is highly recommended for Amateur photographers who want to take their work to the next level.

Gordon M. Boyd, lawyer and musician:

Eric Hatch has produced a most useful and motivating book. That is, you can put the information to use, and working through his chapters will motivate you to do so. An excellent balance of practical and artistic advice. The juxtapositioning of photos showing two approaches to a given subject are really informative and helpful. The information is also reasonably technical without being obscure, well organized, and up to date. Anyone investing in photography, time and effort, should invest in Mr. Hatch’s book.

Dennis Donahue, financial planner:

Eric Hatch is both a professional writer and photographer, and his dual talents make Explorations in Photography a valuable and entertaining work. The book has something to offer to all photographers, whether casual amateurs or seasoned pros. As one of the former, I found it to be quite helpful in a number of ways; for example, its section on Composition helped me realize that this is what I most need to work on to improve the quality of my pictures. Explorations also succeeded in inspiring me to invest more of myself in trying to become a better photographer. Mr. Hatch’s own passion for his craft certainly shows through his words and images. His book is very “readable,” because it is written in a clear, conversational style, and because Mr. Hatch uses his own photographs throughout the book to illustrate the points he is making. He does so by juxtaposing two pictures of the same scene: one is flawed, the other is a much improved image. He accompanies the photographs with an explanation of the nature of the flaw (or flaws) in the initial picture and how the second, improved image was achieved. I highly recommend Explorations in Photography to photographers of all levels of ability. You will certainly enjoy reading it, and it just might help you improve your photography!


Ellen Fisch, professional photographer

This book is a great asset to any photographer. Eric Hatch addresses many of the various scenarios every photographer will face at one time or another. The book is easy to read, and an exploration in photography that all will in enjoy!

To buy Explorations in Photography click here for paperback ($35.95) and click here for e-book ($9.95).

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