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Explorations in Photography: Adventures and Advice for Advanced Amateur Photographers.

This richly illustrated how-to book helps good photographers become better photographers.  At 45,000 words and 240 illustrative photos, this book serves up a lot of information in readable, bite-sized chunks. In 40 short-to-medium length essays, the book covers photography from before the shoot to final editing. The book concludes with a bonus chapter on photo restoration.

Spiced with examples from the author’s adventures and experiences, Explorations in Photography is fun, informative, and stimulating. It’s also very readable.

To help readers get the shot, Explorations covers issues of motivation, safety, travel, and just plain asking for directions.

Other essays discuss story-telling in photography, how to use fill lighting outdoors, and how to shoot effective landscapes.  Many other specific situations are covered.

The book gives practical advice on sorting treasures from trash to save storage space, editing, workflow, and a detailed conception-to-published diary of a fine-art landscape. Explorations concludes with a “bonus chapter” on Photo Restoration.


To buy Explorations in Photography click here for paperback ($35.95) and click here for e-book ($9.95).

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