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The movie Citizen Kane is famous for using this technique to magnify publisher Charles Foster Kane, and it worked pretty well in King Kong, too.  Similar personality types, I guess.  The point is that looking up at a subject gives it a certain dominance over the viewer; we are diminished and the subject is magnified in power and importance.

You can shoot low-angle shots to good purposes too..  You can use low-angles to stress distance and height, increase depth, and capture things like the Northern Lights or even a redwood tree.  One or two samples will give you the idea.

Oh, yes, using a wide-angle lens for low-angle shots magnifies the effect.  See for an example.

Here are four examples of low-angle shots taken to impress the viewer with the subjects weight, power, size, or majesty.



_DSC6631  Gold Dredge Gear pano 3

Glacier_Fangs_Eric_Hatch_ABSTRACTIONS  Matanuska low Angle

Sequoias4Sequoia low angle

Sequoias34Sequoia low angle
Low-angle works for people, too.  This body builder was 50-something when she started getting in shape.  She is about 5-foot-nothing, but she wanted “to show the world what you can do if you try.”  This picture does that!



Want more tips?  To buy Explorations in Photography as a print version for $35.95, go here.  To buy it as an e-book for $9.95, follow this link .

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  1. Beautiful photos and a great tip as always Eric! Thank you.

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